Mold Testing for Toxic Molds, Black Molds, and More

BioIdea, a primarily mold-testing company, is a Houston based small testing laboratory serving Greater Houston area, Texas, its vicinity areas and many other cities and states and beyond, intended to provide environmental mold testing, including lab testing the Black Mold Stachybotrys sp., and other human opportunistic pathogenic molds (such as Aspergillus, Penicillium, Mucor, Fusarium etc), pathogenic yeasts (such as Cryptococcus, Candida), allergenic molds (such as Cladosporium, etc) as well as drinking water testing for Fecal coliform and E. coli , bacteria testing.
BioIdea provides not only Mold Testing, Water Testing, Bacteria Testing, but also Material Testing, and other bioenviromental testing of customers' interest.
This BioIdea website also includes pictures taken over the world for mushrooms, wild or cultivated. BioIdea intends to present the grandeur and beauty of the fungal kindom, of which most of them are Basidiomycete, a few are Ascomycete. Molds however mostly belong to the group called Hyphomycete .
For Mold Inspectors/ Consultants who are not local but want to have samples submitted to us, please contact us, or submit the "Contact Us" form at right column, or call Jay 832-495-5301 to set up your accounts.
BioIdea is fully insured and TX Licensed (see the license).