1.      Confidentiality of Your Information

Information of regular clients and home-owner customers of BioIdea's is strictly kept confidential, BioIdea will not release to a third party nor release into the public unless the pertinent information is granted a permission by written or email from the direct client of BioIdea's, or under legal circumstances permitted by the law. 

2.      Impartiality of BioIdea's Testing Results

BioIdea remains impartial in identifying or detecting biological or environmental agents.

We provide services and products based on our best knowledge and scientific principles.

By submitting your samples, you granted permission for BioIdea to perform biological and environmental identification, enumeration and detection, BioIdea bears no legal, financial or other responsibilities beyond this service.


3.      Quality of BioIdea's Testing and Products

BioIdea is working hard to try to comply with and towards the NELAC standards and State regulations. We are gradually building, updating, improving our SOP, QA and QC methods. BioIdea's SOP, QA and QC manuals, and computer software (including calculating spreasheets) and doc files, pdf reports, pictures and photos embedded in BioIdea reports, are solely BioIdea's intellectual property, which BioIdea has right to keep confidential, however, direct customer(s) of BioIdea may inquire how methodology of SOP for a requested service is performed. Except BioIdea, no one has rights to copy, reproduce, photograph, or divulge those intellectual property to a third party in any form. We identify, enumerate and detect biological and environmental agents in customer samples based on our many years' academic training and our best knowledge. However, as a human nature to err in any circumstances, BioIdea bears no legal or financial responsibility for an error (errors) to happen. A re-testing is such a remedy if an error is suspected happened in a customer sample. BioIdea will not do a third time testing on the same sample, nor will provide a reimbursement for the same sample to be tested by another testing laboratory. 

4.      BioIdea's Right to Collect Debt

By submitting your sample(s) to BioIdea, you thereby agreed to pay the full price of the service you elected unless BioIdea grants a discount under promotion, or a client received a contract pricing. BioIdea will charge an extra $20 dollars to a bounced check plus the expenses of collection. BioIdea reserves the right to collect debt, resort to debt mediation and arbitration. BioIdea will report debt collection to Credit agencies on a discretionary basis.

5.      Copyright of BioIdea.net and its Intellectual Property

Logos, drawing, photos and diagrams on BioIdea's products, on www.bioidea.net and bioidea.net are BioIdea's intellectual property. BioIdea reserves their copyright, which should not be copied, reproduced, photographed in any form without the consent from BioIdea.

 BioIdea is fully insured and TX Licensed.