There are dozens of mushrooms now are cultivated here and there in the world. In USA, predominantly, the mushrooms consumed by people are the White-button mushroom, or the Portobello, which is the brown variety of the white cousin, both of them belong to Agaricus bisporus.
However, in other parts of the world, other species of mushrooms are cultivated and consumed greatly. In Europe, mushrooms such as Morels (noncultivated), truffles (noncultivated), bolets (noncultivated) etc. are sought and consumed. Morels and truffles are highly priced, especially truffles in some markets have the same price as gold.
Morels indeed are widely available in the open space in the springtime of Chile, South America. Morels produced in Chile are solely exported for European consumers.
In the Far East such as China, Japan, Korea, mushrooms such as White button mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, bear-head mushroom, straw mushroom, etc. are widely cultivated and consumed. In the eye of the public in those countries, indeed, mushrooms of such are regarded heavily as delicacy and healthy foods.
The following are some examples of those specialty mushrooms. BioIdea present these photos to show one more positive side of the Fungal Kingdom.
Spawn in tubes
Spawn in bags
Spwan in bottles                                                   
Pleurotus ostratus 
Oyster mushroom
Volvariella volvacea, Straw mushroom, a delicacy mushroom
Coprinus comatus Chicken-leg mushroom
Flammulina velutipes  
Enoki mushroom

Pleurotus ostratus Oyster mushroom

 Lentinus edodes  Shiitake mushroom

Pleurotus ostratus, Oyster mushroom, a delicacy mushroom

Agaricus bisporus White button mushroom


Hericium erinaceus, Bear-head mushroom, a delicacy
 Volvariella volvacea 
Straw mushroom, cultivated in summer