Easy DIY steps as Diagram below; No supplies to order; Quick results in 2 calendar days; Inexpensive testing!
Tell if you need to test your home or office for mold?
  • You had experienced hurricane/ tropical storms/ tornado/ heavy rains/ flooding, etc.
  • You notice water sips in roof/ ceiling/ walls, water marks are visible;
  • Your house had structural damage, broken pipe/ flooding was involved;
  • Home appliances, e.g. sink /  tap faucets / dish washer etc broken, leading to flooding;
  • In summer, your AC is broken, humidity builds up in your residence, air becomes stale;
  • House has eerie, moldy, musty smell, particularly when entering from outside;
  • House has colored patches on walls, furniture, appliances, particularly in locations of bathrooms,  closets, kitchen underside cabinets, sink underside cabinets, etc.
  • People living inside have allergic reactions, such as stuffed nose, runny nose, dizziness, chronic fatigue, watery eyes, sinuses, sneezing, etc, or even fell into sickness often-times.
If any one of the above answers YES, then, you might need mold testing for your home or office.
BioIdea is fully insured and licensed, and a PhD will analyze your mold samples. Mail in your samples, we will email the testing results within 2 calendar days once we receive your samples.
Where to take samples?
  • The filter area  and/or Intake area of your HVAC unit (Central Heat & AC);
  • Window AC units:  air intake area or areas below the unit where is wet;
  • Air vents (colored stuff on grill) on your ceiling, particular for old houses/ apts/ condos/ town-homes;
  • Suspected color patches of mold (any color is possible), particularly in bathrooms,  closets, kitchen underside cabinets, sink underside cabinets, on appliances, etc;
  • Damp areas (anywhere is possible), water marks are visible with color patches;
  • Anywhere you want to know if mold is present or absent.
What you need to collect mold samples for Mail-In Testing
  • Clear Scotch Tape; Permanent marker; Zip-loc bags;
  • Computer/Internet access to download Online Sample Submission Form. Click to download the Form, fill info and print. Testing method is M21;
  • Include your check of payment; or make online Pay-pal payment. Mold testing is $75/sample (Multiple sample discount is availble;  Mold Consultants/ Inspectors please contact us for contract pricing (support@bioidea.net).
How to take samples DIY?
Begin with Clear Scotch Tape, Marker, and Zip-loc bags. Click Diagram for bigger detailed steps
.Click for big images and detailed procedure
Click here or the Diagram for bigger detailed steps.
Ship the Mail-in samples to BioIdea (Copy, paste & print the Mailing Label):
         11511 Early Forest Ln,
          Houston, TX 77043
  • Your package includes: 1) Mold samples; 2) Sample Submission Form (w/ filled info & your signature; testing method is M21); 3) Check payment or Cash; Mold testing is $75/sample, Multiple sample discount is availble;  Mold Consultants/ Inspectors please contact us for contract pricing (support@bioidea.net).
  • USPS Priority Mail (already with Tracking), only $5.15/package; or UPS or FedEx or DHS of your choice, tracking is highly recommended;
  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT elect receiver's Signature Confirmation at delivery, which will delay processing. Tracking # is sufficient.