There are thousands of mushroom (Macrofungi) species across the globe. It is said to have >4000 species of mushrooms in North America alone.
During many field trips, Jay has been curious in finding all kinds of brilliant species of mushrooms. In fact, Most of mushrooms are Basidiomycetes, a few are Ascomycetes.
Below there are the only 2 Ascomycetes. One is Morchella esculenta, a delicious fungus found in South America. The other Ascomycete is called Cordyceps, or Dong-cong-xia-chao (Winter-worm-summer-herb), as called in Chinese, are Ascomycetes invading worm pupas or caterpillars underground during spring and emerge as club fungi above the forest floor in summer.
The medicinal Basidiomycete Ganoderma tsugae is found in NC. A sister species called Ganoderma luciderm has been long regarded as  "Fairy Herb", a miracle medcine in the East.
Interestingly, the tree-dwelling Volvariella bombycina is actually found at the side of the reflection pond of Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.


Russula sp; Not edible, avoid this genus

Amanita caesarea edible, but avoid all death caps

Ganoderma tsugae Lienzi, China's Fairy Herb

Cratellerus cornucopioides, edible

Volvariella bombycina, edible

Helvella lacunosa toxic, false morel

Cordyceps sp, Most valuable herb in China

Lepiota muceda,
common, toxic
Polyporus sulphureus,

Amanita caesarea, edible but avoid all death caps

Agaricus sp.
all Agaricus are edible
  Cantherellus cibarius, in China, edible

Lactarius diliciosus
In China, edible 
Coprinus comatus
In China, a delicacy.
  Morchella esculenta
In Chile, delicious
Dictyophora indusiata,
In China, edible