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Mold Testing

Air Cassettes (Spore Trap):

M11    Air-O-Cell, (Zefon);                            
M12    Allergenco (EMS);
M13    Cyclex-D (EMS);
M14    Micro5 (EMS);
M15    Bio-Cell (Graf-Tech)
M19    Customer defined cassette;

Surface Materials:

M21     Direct exam (Tape samples);
M22     Direct exam (Bulk samples);
M23     Direct exam (Swab samples);

Live Cultures on Medium Plates:

M31    EMS E6 or Anderson impactors (using a vacuum);
M32    Stationary plates (without using a vacuum);
M33    Derived from Swabs, Tapes, and Bulk samples;
M34    Aspergillus species determination (culture only);
M35    Penicillim species determination (culture only);
M36    Stachybotrys species determination (culture only);
M37    Cladosporium species determination (culture only);
M39    Customer defined species determination (culture);
Drinking Water and Bacteria Testing:
(Drinking water testing analyzes if your water is contaminated by a group of bacteria called Total coliform, including feccal or sewage contamination, such as E. coli. This test is used to detect total coliform bacteria and E. coli presence or absence in drinking water, tap water, potable water, well water etc)

W11    Bacterial coliform presence or absence;                            
W12    E. coli (Escherichia coli) presence or absence;

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