We'll beat any competitor's price in Texas in a Rush same-night turn-around!  (see conditions and restrictions below) Our service is 7 days a week! PhD mycologist is reading your samples ! And your testing could come with an interpretation report ! (see a sample)

Turn-around time (TAT)
For Mold Samples Mial-in Services:
Mail-in has 2 calendar day  turn-around once we receive your package. Quicker TAT is possible, please request for this if in emergency. Your email address will receive the results.
For samples coming from local Greater Houston area:
  • For Spore trap air cassettes, Direct exam samples: Turn-around times are 3-7 hrs rush Same-night; 2nd-day at-night; 3rd-day at-night and 4th-7th at-night turn-around (i.e. BioIdea will report to you at night around 5:00 -10:30 pm, please call Jay if you are submitting rush samples.

  • For Water samples: Standard 24-28 hours when incubated 37 C, 48 hour reporting if more stringent.

  • For culture plate culturable molds: Standard 5-7 days.

Please drop your samples @ the Drop Box at 11511 Early Forest, Houston, TX 77043
Call Jay @ 832-495-5301 (cell),  you are going to drop your samples or you want to have equipment rental. 
For mold inspectors/ consultants, please email support@bioidea.net, call Jay @ 832-495-5301 (cell), 281-920-3066 (after work hours), inquire pricing details of:
     > 3-7 hr Rush same night turn-around (rush samples);
     > 2nd day at night turn-around;
     > 3rd day at night  turn-around;
     > 4th-7th day at night turn-around.
     > Mold Sample Mail-in Services.




Some Conditions and Restrictions Apply for the Pricing:

1) This pricing applies to all testing except:  mold species determination, i.e. M34, M35, M36, M37 and M39 due to more sophisticated procedures are needed;  Mold species determination, i.e. M34, M35, M36, M37 and M39, may take longer time for TAT.
2) Home-owners' pricing is different from that for mold inspectors/ consultants.

3)  There is a fee charged to home-owners who want an Interpretational Report  yet has fewer than 4 samples. This report is optional.
4) Turn-Around-Time for species determination may be longer than 5-7 days, due to some species are poorly sporulated, yet it may need other procedures, such as other medium, different temperature treatment, etc.

5) Sampling equipment rental is limited to 24 hr, $50 rental is for the High-volume pump only; $20 rental for Anderson Impactor. BioIdea may deny equipment rental in busy seasons. An agreement form is to be signed by the rentee, and renter must agree to the term that expenses any damage incurred must be paid for by the rentee.

6 ) BioIdea-made fungal medium plates, VWR sterile swabs, and sterile water sampling bottles are also free provided equal numbers of samples returned for testing.

BioIdea is fully insured and TX licensed.